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Diesel Stoves, Ovens and Heaters

Wallas design and manufacture high quality marine diesel stoves, ovens and heaters to the highest standard of finish. The quality and craftsmanship is truly first rate, ensuring trouble free and comfortable performance from their entire range of products.

The unique characteristic of the Wallas marine products is that they operate using diesel fuel instead of gas. Recreational boat owners around Australia are removing their inconvenient and dangerous gas cookers and replacing them with Wallas diesel cook tops and ovens. The reasons are evident:

- Safe, simple and a pleasure to use.
- Pleasant operation; no humidity indoors.
- Versatility; the stove can also serves as a heater using the optional blower lid.
- Odourless operation.
- Fuel is provided from a handy portable tank or from your onboard supply.

The Wallas cook tops are configured for use on top of the bench or built into the bench. Operation, look and feel of the Wallas products are similar to that of the high quality commercial cooking units you use at home. The oven is fan forced, providing an even cooking temperature throughout the range of adjustment.

Wallas Diesel Stoves

The Wallas 85DP is a safe, reliable and easy to use cook top that can be placed on top of a bench or mounted using the optional gimbals. Pot holders are also available.

The Wallas 85Dt is the flush mounted model offering a smooth profile protruding just 2 mm from the surface of the counter top. Pot holders are available and have an anti-slip bracket to keep your crockery secure.

The optional heater-blower lid quickly converts a cook top into a fan-forced cabin heater. The heater blower lid is available for the 85DP and 85Dt.

The Wallas 86D is the oven only. It can be installed as an under counter cooking utility or gimbal-mounted using the optional Wallas gimbal mounts.

The Wallas 87D is a combination includes the convenience of the 85DP ceramic cooktop combined with the 86D oven. All the modern conveniences are incorporated including oven lamp, ergonomic wooden trim and fully adjustable temperature settings.

Installation of Wallas products is simple and straight forward. We will work with you to identify the requirements of your installation and combine all the necessary facilities into a "kit." Each kit contains all the components you need to quickly get your Wallas cooker installed and operating in the shortest possible time.

With Wallas, you can cook like the mega-yachts without the mega-yacht price!
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